SiddhiCare India offers wide range of customized services that give your business the right virtual address and an identity with increased efficiency.


To transform enterprises yet world class.


Maximizes Customer.


We take pride in being a liberal yet disciplined and coherent web development and design company.We have successfully managed and developed diverse solutions for numerous information technology projects. We utilize comprehensible time tested methods and processes so that they stand up to the expectations and demands of our clients who come from a diverse range of business and industries.


Our first step is to understand the specific needs of the clients so that we can developed the project exactly inline with their specification.At this stage,the clients brief us with the exact project requirements.We remain in constant touch with our clients so that we are able to completely understand their requirements.

After this is done,We undertake a through analysis of our clients requirements.These requirements are carefully studied and a technical schema of the requirements conceived.
This is followed by creation of the prototype of the software required. The client evaluates this prototype and gives us critical inputs on the development of the project. After obtaining the client’s feedback, we begin the conversion of the prototype into a full-scale solution.
Once we develop your solution, we begin the testing phase. We utilize a number of sophisticated testing methods to detect bugs and other errors to provide you with an error free solution. Finally, we launch the client’s solution which involves various processes like setting up of the hosting infrastructure, fine tuning the solution and providing post deployment support.

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